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With widespread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen some unprecedented and frightening changes across the world. We’ve watched as events are cancelled, travel becomes restricted, and cities (even countries) are in lockdown.

To slow the spread of coronavirus and protect the vulnerable, a lot of companies have asked their employees to work from home and stay indoors. We, at Fix Me Digitally, a digital marketing agency based in Goregaon, is also taking measures and are working from home to ensure continuity of ongoing projects.

Nothing is more important to us than health. Hence the key priority during this difficult time is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let us all take the advice of the government, apply our sense and flatten the curve as soon as possible.

Shifting to a remote working environment is not just limited to finding a space at the kitchen table, downloading a video conferencing program, or staying focused. It’s all about allocating more time for productivity, saving time that was previously used to commute to your workplace, getting more rest, being healthier, increasing focus and promoting a safer work environment.

Our team at Fix Me Digitally uses efficient project management tools to communicate with customers effectively and streamline work, some of which includes Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM / Google Ads / PPC), Social Media Marketing, Digital Branding and Analytics.

Cons of Working from Home

It is not for everyone. There are many traditional models of work where remotely working is simply not possible. Many small-scale manufacturing industries / factories will not be able to work under such remote working scenarios. The leadership team of many businesses must think long and hard about how they’ll deal with the varied challenges and unique situations that come with a dispersed staff model.

Learning from Coronavirus

Due to the spread of COVID-19 across the world, this may change how businesses work going forward. For a start, the remote working model has less of a carbon footprint, we all need to do our bit and care more about our planet. During the outbreak period of the virus, and what looks likely to be subsequent few weeks at least, this is a great social experiment when it comes to working from home for many.

We see a more flexible and productive work model for the masses moving forward. The stigma surrounding work from home concept, that it is less productive, and a waste of work time will also change and bring a positive outlook in the minds of employers. With useful tools available to have a productive remote work environment, it should be easier for digital marketing agencies to adapt this work model in their businesses.

It’s difficult to foresee what next few weeks will look like, but we need to work together to protect our teams, colleagues, loved ones, and local communities. Please reduce unnecessary travel and be empathetic to the challenges that remote work can bring to your teams and their families. Staying safe and healthy is a team effort.

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